Did you know that your target group is waiting for you on the sales floor?

Yes, your target group is waiting for you on the sales floor. What good is exceptional promotion if it’s not successful in the long term? If you want to be ahead of the game today, you need to focus more attention on the sales floor – and on continuity. Flexibility, exceptional staff and professional planning with the support of a merchandising agency are essential to increasing sales in the long term.

Our solution for your marketing goals:

Whether it’s exclusive or tactical merchandising, we manage and support our best-qualified teams of permanent employees and assume full responsibility for the entire spectrum of long-term sales floor support, from defining the aim and recruiting through to management and reporting. As an agency, we have the required expertise and experience on our side.

As such, we’re also able to professionally implement every aspect of effective sales floor merchandising at the last minute, regardless of whether it’s visual merchandising, a new ATL campaign, a product launch, a sales campaign or a product demonstration. The aim is to attract the attention of customers using a superior sales floor presentation – eye-catching advertising materials and exceptional sales areas are key. Continuous monitoring and any necessary follow-up improvements ensure ongoing implementation and consistently high quality.

You can rest assured that our team won’t forget a single consumer, and our merchandising will see to every last target group on the sales floor, thus ensuring an increase in sales.

An overview of all the benefits of sales floor merchandising:

  • long-term relationships with retail partners
  • promotion and expansion of brand and product awareness
  • significant increase in shelf share rates
  • generation of key retail insights

Andreas Schulz

Managing Director

040/39 191-145