Brand activation: From obscurity to the stage.

Brand activation lays the foundation for measurable, long-lasting sales success. Effective brand activation means creating a sales-oriented brand experience that accompanies consumers along the entire customer journey, all the while observing the key brand strategy. Without it, individual measures wouldn’t be able to offer much added value, which could lead to the loss of potential buyers.

Activation first brings brands to the relevant consumer group and then directs these to the products on the sales floor. It’s only in this way that products end up in the trolley. Unlike marketing, our branding isn’t based on a direct invitation to buy, but rather underlines the quality and characteristics of the products in question. The brand is what customers remember when the marketing campaign comes to an end. Ideally, it facilitates an emotional connection with the product, i.e. brand engagement, which is why effective brand activation is so important.

Our solution: Brand activation as a holistic concept

We use extensive insights to develop an integral strategy that takes into account all touchpoints along the customer journey. No brand activation concept leaves our agency before we’ve had the opportunity to analyse all the data and develop suitable measures, taking into account the channels, target group, buyer behaviour and relevance. Sounds dry, and it would be too if we didn’t place so much value on creativity.

Independent central themes, extraordinary measures, innovative tools – we never use off-the-shelf solutions. Our fresh ideas and precise methods of implementation from the initial concept to brand activation give our customers excellent value and ensure products end up where they’re supposed to: in the shopping-cart. That’s because customers begin to believe in a brand and what it represents, which is a key aim of brand activation.

To promote the effective implementation of a comprehensive strategy for brand activation, all measures should be carried out, or at least managed, by a single agency. This ensures a seamless process rather than a series of independent, uncoordinated individual measures.

An overview of all the benefits of professional brand activation

  • Incorporation of all customer touchpoints to increase sales
  • Attention-grabbing implementation on the sales floor
  • Efficient acquisition of new customers
  • Long-term customer loyalty

Andreas Schulz

Managing Director

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