Nespresso Expert Activation Tour

Nespresso Expert Activation Tour

Winning by taste

The objective

When looking to buy a Nespresso machine or Nespresso capsules, shoppers  usually visit their local MSH store or shop at the Nespresso online store. But Nespresso has to battle a growing number of copy-cat products. Accompanying the launch of their new premium machine “Expert” an attention-grabbing action measure was needed to boost sales.

The solution

Connecting new clients with Nespresso and catering to their needs – that sums up our goal. To achieve it we designed and build a mobile sales booth and took it on a tour through Germanys biggest shopping centres. We invited shoppers to join us for a coffee, made with the new Nespresso Expert machine, and afterwards advised them on the right machine, fitting coffee and how to drink it. If their interest was sparked they were able to choose their machine and purchase it right away at the booth, complete with registering at the online store and ordering their first Nespresso capsules.


At the tasting Nespresso coffee and machines won over shoppers. The premium products were presented perfectly and were able to create awareness and fans apart from their usual sales location – machine as well as capsule sales were raised considerably.
Personal consulting and integrating Nespresso Club Services at the sales booth helped shoppers get over their reservations and generated numerous new members.

Contact Person

Sören Fischer

Business Director

040/39 191-212


POSMA 2017