Dyson Cordless Experience Tour

Dyson PromotionStand

The Dyson Experience Tour: venturing into new territory!

The objective

Supporting the launch of Dyson’s new “V6” cordless stick vacuums we were commissioned to raise awareness for the new product category and make use of its enormous growth potential. Since Dyson’s products are primarily sold online and at local MSH-outlets extensive testing isn’t always an option.

We needed to find a location were customers had the time and space to really test and experience the products. But more than that we wanted to appeal to passers-by that weren’t even really looking for a new vacuum.

The solution

We developed an interactive promotion stand, that mimics everyday situations and invites shoppers to test the products and took it on a tour through Germany where we got everyone excited about the new Dyson cordless stick vacuums.
We positioned the promotion stand at highly frequented spot, away from the actual point of sale. The stand was equipped with a car dummy that gave shoppers the opportunity to test cordless vacuuming.
A discount voucher redeemable at the nearby MSH-outlet or the Dyson online store, for shoppers who prefers shopping from home.



By appealing to our target group away from the actual point of sale and the high frequency of passers-by we weren’t only able to meet our clients expectations but to exceed them – in terms of the number of product demonstrations as well as the number of actual sales.

Contact Person

Sören Fischer

Business Director

040/39 191-212