Extended SalesForce

Sales force: we go all out to increase sell-in

What’s the secret behind our sales force? There is no secret – but rather innovative approaches and dedication. To promote a brand on the sales floor, retailers first have to incorporate it into their selection. But competition is fierce. You can only get people’s attention if you’re well aware of retail and sales requirements and can offer real added value.

Our solution: Outsourcing sales to an external sales force

We develop tailored sales concepts to increase sell-in across a variety of channels, from channel and market to achieving a certain sales target – throughout Germany. The key to our success is professional staff, innovative sales channels and unrelenting dedication.

We put together a sales force dedicated to increasing your sales. Our sales force become your employees and are experts when it comes to your products and they have plenty of experience working on the sales floor. They not only take charge of the sell-in of your products and appropriate product presentation in the sales area, but also gather key information about how competitors position their products, so that you can keep an eye on everything. Our back office, which offers the required infrastructure, manages and assesses the work of the sales representatives.

As an extended sales force, our teams can also support your company’s sales – particularly in the field. Our employees are familiar with the situation on the sales floor and can therefore optimise your product sales.

An overview of all the benefits of an external sales force:

Tapping into new sales channels and an increase in sell-in
Development and expansion of retail partners
Comprehensive retail and distribution network
Internal sales analysis for ongoing project optimisation
Significant cost savings and extensive reporting for full cost control

Andreas Schulz

Managing Director

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