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You can benefit from our extensive knowledge

70% of consumers already have a category desire when they enter the store, despite the widespread use of conventional media. That means the actual decision for a product and brand isn’t made until they reach the sales floor. The right insight and an attention-grabbing presentation in line with requirements are therefore essential to winning over shoppers. If you fail to provide these, you virtually throw away your chance to increase sales.

Our solution: 

We’re on the sales floor on a daily basis, gaining insights into shoppers and the marketplace. And we know how to use this knowledge combined with effective sales promotion for your benefit.

We influence purchasing decisions and increase sales with pioneering concepts along the customer journey that offer surprising, customised tools – at all the relevant touchpoints and at just the right moment.

We increase sell-in with documents that substantiate hard facts with figures and combine these with the brand’s charm. We facilitate secondary placement or valuable shelf space for an unknown new product – and thus boost the chance of increasing sales both now and in the future.

An overview of all the benefits

  • Efficient, attention-grabbing sales-floor tools
  • An increase in brand awareness among retailers and shoppers
  • Solutions that increase sales
  • An increase in sell-in and sell-out

Lars Roisch

Managing Director

040/39 191-431

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