Stein inszeniert HP Star Wars am POS

HP Star WarsCampaign

A galactic success story.

The objective

Star WarsTM has been inspiring children and adults all around the world since 1977. The epic movies have a huge fanbase – especially among gamers. That is why HP has created a Star WarsTM Special Edition in cooperation with Disney. A unique design and the extensive Star WarsTM content make for a one of a kind notebook that no other can compete with – at least not in this galaxy.
Stein’s objective was to bring the Star WarsTM campaign to the POS and increase sales.

The solution

Stein created brilliant POS tools for the Star WarsTM Special Edition products. The Star WarsTM campaign was well integrated and reached the customer at every touchpoint – whether it is notebooks or accessories. This way we were able to make the most out of the cross selling potential. In addition: special promotion days with Star WarsTM branded sales staff generated even more attention for the products.

To ensure the perfect use of the POS tools and with that the success of the campaign Stein also created a toolkit which gives a detailed description on how to use each tool and explains the overall sales concept.


The success was with us: The Star WarsTM Special Edition was a galactic success with the customers and resulted in sales that are out of this world.