Bahlsen Kaffeeklatsch am POS

Bahlsen CoffeeConversation

A POS concept to unite.

The objective

In the course of a new sales round at brick-and-mortar grocery stores STEIN was commissioned to highlight biscuit manufacturer Bahlsen’s high quality and indulgence at the POS and communicate those features to the customers.
A sweepstake is set in place to increase sales.

The solution

The smell of coffee and the indulgence in cookies are as inseparable as air and breathing. A special display modeled after a modern coffeeshop is supposed to transport this feeling to the POS. To boost sales and highlight indulgence Bahlsen in cooperation with TASSIMO raffles of a number of coffee-themed prizes to support the “Cookies-and-Coffee”-storyline.


An attention-grabbing display that shows delicious Coffee-and-cookie-moments leaves shoppers wanting more. It encourages impulse shopping, as they wish to take the moment home and enjoy it every day.
A win code on the packaging ensures multi-buys and thus increases sales significantly.

Contact Person

Lars Roisch

Managing Director

040/39 191-431

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