Our in-store training provides staff with the tools for success.

What good is exceptional product knowledge if sales staff can’t communicate it in a persuasive way? Emotive language, the power of persuasion, trust and friendliness: these are the sales characteristics that turn potential customers into buyers. Sales staff can learn, practise and improve these abilities with in-store training. That’s where we come in.

Our solution for effective in-store training

We provide staff with the tools for success – regardless of what they sell, and when and where they do so. Sales is already a highly professional domain and it requires the right staff, particularly when it comes to high-tech products that demand extensive knowledge. Consumers are often well informed about the market and products, and require expert advice to make a sound decision.

We offer a wide selection of options for effective sales and marketing training, including product and sales training directly on the sales floor, in-house training courses for high-tech products that demand extensive knowledge, and the development of a customer-specific sales guide and individual blended-learning measures.

With the sales floor training course, i.e. the classic in-store training course, our experts train your employees at their place of work. What characteristics do the products possess, which questions will the customers ask, and what information do they need?

In-house training courses are ideal if more extensive product expertise is required and your employees need background information.

Sales guide/blended learning: this is where your employees get the best of both worlds: in-store training as well as additional information and training via e-learning.

An overview of all the benefits of in-store training:

  • comprehensive training management from the initial idea to implementation
  • ongoing experience exchange for increased sales success
  • individual, goal-oriented and tailored training measures
  • just-in-time knowledge exchange through online and mobile-based solutions

Lars Roisch

Managing Director

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