Panasonic DECT MarketIntroduction

Premium products explained to perfection.

The objective

Everything’s going digital, including telephony. But there are huge differences in performance levels when it comes to DECT devices, which is why Panasonic asked us to help launch its premium products. After all, USPs such as 2-in-1 mobile phone and landline functions and Wi-Fi capability can’t explain themselves to retail partners.

The solution

A team of five highly trained expert advisers made a beeline for the shelves and gave retailers the full service. Our team not only provided employees with extensive training in the use of the phones, but also created exceptional sales areas with persuasive, attention-grabbing advertising materials. And they laid the perfect foundation for the subsequent hard-selling promotion.


232 employees trained in 166 shops, 89% of whom considered the training courses, which lasted over two hours, to be valuable. 85% were ‘delighted’. A happy team of Panasonic sales representatives were thankful for the wonderful support, which helped them to increase sell-in transactions. Impressed retailers ordered and sold like crazy. And the following promotion achieved a considerable increase in sales – in a market that was otherwise experiencing a double-digit decline.

Contact Person

Sören Fischer

Business Director

040/39 191-212