HP Instant Ink Digital Live Consulting

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The Task

Many shoppers use multiple channels in the buying process before they buy, if at all. Research is mainly done online – a problem especially for products requiring intensive consultation. HP Instant Ink was also confronted with these challenges. And we should solve them. Especially the initial skepticism – “Is it really so cheap? – and purchase cancellations had to be reduced.

The Solution

Good thing MeetInstore exists! The individual live consultation, online and in real time, was exactly what was needed for HP’s omnichannel strategy. Our employees were trained quickly but thoroughly on the subject and experienced consultants were already available to help interested shoppers in a video chat. Problems with the choice of tariff? Questions about the registration process? Quick help was only a click away.


Fewer purchase cancellations and therefore more registrations for HP Instant Ink and valuable customer contacts for HP. No wonder, as the consultation sessions of 25 minutes in length were of a higher quality than in most stationary retail stores (Ø 10 minutes).

Contact Person

Andreas Schulz

Managing Director

040/39 191-145