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Mobilcom-Debitel HealthPromotion

Achieving a healthy profit with the fitness trend

The objective

The aim of mobilcom-debitel is to position itself as a digital lifestyle provider over the long term. The idea was to develop routing promotions that would increase footfall in stores and thus boost sales, focusing on the trend of fitness in line with the highlighted products.

The solution

Several attention-grabbing promotions that build on one another were developed in line with the motto ‘Coach rather than couch’: a fitness challenge in heavily frequented ECE centres, a digital fitness machine in pedestrian areas and a promotion at Fitness First locations. All the campaigns focused on the trend of fitness. They encouraged people to get involved, staging individual fitness products in a playful way and creating a fun atmosphere for participants and passers-by. Attractive prizes were only up for grabs in the shop and thus promoted direct routing. All the campaigns were carried out at locations with high target group footfall.


The funny, creative campaigns not only attracted lots of attention, but also resulted in tens of thousands of customer contacts and shop visits, significantly increasing product sales and boosting the brand’s image.


Contact Person

Andreas Schulz

Managing Director

040/39 191-145


POSMA 2016
POSMA 2016