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Sales floor design that boosts sales.

Competition is increasing significantly in stores. To generate clear sales advantages over competitors, a brand needs to be consistent and stand out on the sales floor. An appealing sales floor design is therefore essential, and will turn shoppers into buyers.

Sales floor design is extremely important, as product presentations need to be eye-catching in order to offer shopper insights and comply with the overall brand presentation. Whether it’s a shelf solution, an endcap, free-standing display units (FSDU) or the king of all presentations, the shop-in-shop system, our sales floor designs fulfil the highest aesthetic standards and reliably help achieve sales targets.

Our solution: Sales floor design for a powerful statement

Standing out from the competition: by making a more powerful statement we can capture the attention of shoppers and ultimately ensure that they decide in favour of our product.

Consistency is key – you’re bound to hear this iconic motto time and time again in the world of marketing. Consistency is essential to success. And that also applies to sales floor design, which must be consistent in translating a brand’s corporate identity into a sales floor-appropriate visual style. That includes an accurate use of colours, shapes and materials that, in combination with contemporary communication, generates a unique shopper experience – and clearly sets the brand apart from its competitors.

Incorporating all the sales floor elements into a set of guidelines that combines the product and communication strategies not only ensures consistency, brand recognition and uniqueness, but also measurably increases the sales of a brand. Sales floor marketing with a professional sales floor design certainly pays off.

An overview of all the benefits of a first-class sales floor design:

  • increased awareness on the sales floor for more effective sales promotions
  • consistent brand communication on the sales floor
  • simplified sell-in
  • measurable increase in sales

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Managing Director

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