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HUAWEI Shop-in-ShopSystem

The perfect stage for smart technology.

The objective

Smartphone manufacturer HUAWEI commissioned STEIN with a large-scale sales promotion which focused on establishing a shop-in-shop system at Media-Saturn Deutschland. STEIN came out on top in the pitch and was able to showcase the Germany premiere at the specialist stores on behalf of the successful electronics group.

The solution

In the highly competitive smartphone market, we were looking for an idea that would make our customer stand out from the crowd. We developed a shop-in-shop concept which, through its design, generates many emotionally charged ‘I have to have that’ moments. In this way, the consumers’ subconscious is stimulated in a positive way and valuable purchasing desires are triggered.

The project kicked off with a pilot space at the Saturn store in Hamburg – one of the world’s largest consumer electronics stores. A unique brand world was created for the HUAWEI products in an area measuring nearly 40 m2. Based on a hands-on experience, a variety of options for testing the smartphones on offer also triggered key purchasing desires.


The STEIN concept was a hit with the customer – particularly the design approach, which was a perfect fit for the HUAWEI target group. The stronger in-store brand presence also sets HUAWEI apart from the competition.

The concept was also a hit with consumers and generated enthusiasm for the HUAWEI brand.