Rowenta Shop in Shop Design

Rowenta ShelfUnit

Categorizing the segment.

The objective

STEIN was commissioned to analyze and renew Rowenta’s current shop-in-shop-design at the POS. The foundation for our analysis: shopper insights regarding the selection criteria of vacuum shopping.

The solution

Categorizing for a better perspective: As part of a shopper study we ask consumers what criteria was decisive in the purchase decision for a vacuum cleaner and designed the Rowenta shelf unit according to those parameters.

A clear structure and sectioning of cordless vacuums and classic vacuums, further sectioned into devices with and without cleaner bags, was the result and the new POS-design. Further product information can be found on the pedestals next to the respective device. All products can easily be tested on-site in our designated testing areas.


A tidy system that provides the shopper with orientation and encourages conversion. A high-impact, clean design with color-coded categories ensures visibility even from a distance. Overall the concept is set to be implemented in 20 outlets from the MSD-raster.

Contact Person

Andreas Ligendza

Creative Director

(040) 391 91-422