A guidebook that’s raising the bar

The objective

A guidebook needed to be developed for the entire in-store presentation of HUAWEI. The purpose of the guidebook was to ensure a uniform in-store presentation of HUAWEI and promote brand consistency in all EMEA markets – from the individual in-store tool to the entire shop-in-shop area.

The solution

STEIN developed a 50-page in-store guidebook, whose layout and design reflect the HUAWEI brand values to perfection. The guidebook covered all the aspects essential for a uniform brand presentation: brand guidelines, a list of the in-store goals, and the in-store materials for all the touchpoints, including 3D visuals.


The result was a guidebook that’s setting new standards in terms of scale, design and structure: it ensures a globally uniform brand presentation and guarantees that the brand is perfectly showcased down to the smallest detail. It therefore allows retailers to offer their customers the best possible shopping experience and, ultimately, increase sales and cross-selling.

Contact Person

Andreas Ligendza

Creative Director

(040) 391 91-422