Mucosolvan Multi-Touchpoint-Konzept

Mucosolvan Multi-Touchpoint Strategy

A prescription for healthy sales

The objective

Every cold season we have to battle numerous pathogens surrounding us – and for every one of them there is a cold medicine on sale. For the fourth quarter of 2016 our client wanted their product Mucosolvan® to stand out from the masses and appeal to shoppers and pharmacists as well. Defying the short dwell time and small chances to influence the shopper.

The solution

Our solution for the cough reliever: emotional window displays, exploratory tools within the self-service area and attention-grabbing advertising materials at the pharmacy only medicine display. The multi-touchpoint strategy accompanies the shopper from the entrance area to the sales counter and increases the chances for the shopper to ask specifically for Mucosolvan®. As additional purchasing incentive and recommendation-reminder for the pharmacist we placed another promotional display directly on the sales counter: every Mucosolvan® product comes with a free cuddly “Mucus Monster”, the beloved advertising mascot known from TV commercials.


High willingness to use the offered tools and significant sales uplift speak for themselves: our prescription for healthy sales has no negative side effects. Pharmacies and shoppers respond to it as well as our client – which means we are happy as well.


POSMA 2017