Omron POS Konzept

Omron POSConcept

Healthy measures

The objective

There are numerous German health care supply stores, this means just as many different requirements in the stores. This is exactly what the sales channel Omron Healthcare Europe wanted to develop more intensively with monitoring instruments for blood pressure, step counting, pain treatment and inhalation equipment. Under one umbrella and with a simplest possible solution.

The solution

STEIN has a success recipe for this type of challenge: A flexible solution for flexible requirements. In this case, by way of a modular, attractively designed product tray. The uniting umbrella is a back panel and a newly developed claim addressing the target group emotionally:
“The best for your health.“ A training concept  for consultations at the store rounds the package off.


Health care supply stores in Germany and France are equipped with the tray – in exactly the right size and with the desired products. Omron and STEIN are pleased about their successful cooperation. Many end consumers enjoy the high quality of their new instruments – and consultation at their specialist store.

Contact Person

Andreas Ligendza

Creative Director

(040) 391 91-422