Ratiopharm Chemist’sDisplay

Small packaging – huge effect.

The objective

How do you raise awareness for a new product when the packaging is small and the facing on the shelves is limited? This is precisely the challenge that had to be overcome for Hyaluron-ratiopharm eye drops. Among other things, there was a request for a wall display element that can be adapted for use with a wide variety of surfaces and the ratiopharm shelf system.

The solution

The fact is, inside a chemist’s, customers move along a decision corridor with certain contact points. And it’s precisely these points that we took into account in our measures. We thus developed a wall display element – which had to be extremely versatile, so it could be removed without leaving any residue behind – wobblers and other displays illustrating a problem and solution at first glance using clever sliding mechanisms.


The wall display element in particular was a huge hit among customers, and ensures that the new Hyaluron-Ratiopharm eye drops immediately catch the eye. The ratiopharm brand also re-established itself as a problem solver in the minds of customers – not least among consumers who aren’t necessarily looking for a solution to this specific problem.