Astra Rakete Launch

Launch AstraRakete

… 3 … 2 … 1 … Attention!

The objective

Falling sales and revenue in the beer market do not stop at Astra’s neighbourhood charm. To counteract the negative trend and strengthen its position as Germany’s party beer, the St. Pauli district beer got a new family member: “Astra Rakete” (“Astra Rocket”), flavoured with refreshing citrus vodka. And STEIN got to signal the launch! Since, ultimately, a new line extension needs the right fuel to get started at the POS.

The solution

Under the motto “Astra Rakete – the party fuel” the sales team was the first to get a motivational boost. They witnessed live as “Astra Rakete” lived up to its name and took off into the stratosphere.
Elaborate sales folders and a presenter in form of a rocket base completed the sell-in concept.
To boost on-trade sales “Astra Rakete” was supported by authentic astronaut-themed tools, such as the replenishment-boost fridge or little bags of peanut space food.
At the POS an inflatable Astra party-fuel rocket, the neighbourhood party alert system and the branded crate signs grabbed the consumers’ attention and got them in a partying mood.


Mission “party beer positioning”: check! “Astra Rakete” rocketed from zero to being the No. 2. party beer beverage and occupied a market share of 7,6%. Further the brand image has been strengthened significantly.
Truly a rocket-like start!


POSMA 2016