Verkaufsförderung: POS-Aktivierung für Somersby

Somersby POSActivation

What a Summer!

The objective

Since its launch in 2014 Somersby has seen positive sales and a growing market share. That is definitely something to build on. So who do you think they turned to in order to raise brand awareness, generate new listings and attention at the POS through a summery campaign? That’s right: Stein.

The solution

One thing was clear to us right from the start: We would reach into our bag of tricks and create not one but two fruity-fresh activations for the months of July and August. For one thing we developed an in-store raffle with branded longboards – supported by an eye-catching POS placement, of course. A high brand fit and added value for the retailer ensured a fast and easy product listing. Task one: check.

Simultaneously we organized a central sweepstake. A photo contest via Facebook that Stein brought to the POS with attractive POS materials. When it comes to brand fit this activation managed to be even more on point, as it brought one of Somersby’s key visuals to life: an original Volkswagen Type2 with Somersby design elements. The three winners were looking forward to a two-week road trip across Europe – and Somersby was enjoying a successful activation and satisfied customers. Second task: double check.


The eye-catching POS placement and attractive prizes struck the consumers’ chords, increased brand awareness and ensured a higher number of retail listings. Plus: The winners had a blast on their trip – and shared their experience on Facebook.


POSMA 2016