GABA Display von STEIN

GABA In-StorePromotion

How to clearly communicate ‘33% more’.

The objective

GABA is a European manufacturer of innovative, high-quality oral and dental hygiene branded goods. An in-store promotion that communicates the benefit ‘33% more product’ needed to be developed and implemented for the four strongest-selling sub-brands Elmex Kariesschutz, Elmex Sensitive, Aronal and Meridol. The aim of the campaign was to increase brand loyalty and reward loyal customers.

The solution

We developed exceptionally high-quality, attention-grabbing in-store materials with displays, key visuals and new packaging for each of the GABA brands in question. We promoted sell-in transactions with special documents for the retailers.


The extensive in-store promotion was a complete success for all the brands in question:
sales, footfall and customer satisfaction increased at participating retailers and many new customers were generated.