Somersby MarketIntroduction

Refreshingly different.

The objective

Carlsberg asked us to develop all the BTL measures for the German launch of Somersby. That’s an exciting task, as the Scandinavian cider is already refreshing and successful in 35 countries.

The challenge lay in the fact that the in-store presentation needed to reflect the brand’s relaxed, urban attitude in order to appeal to the modern Somersby target group – and retailers, of course.

The solution

We achieved a seamless sell-in using attractive, attention-grabbing sales folders and leaflets. With high-quality materials in-store and at the POC, we focused attention on the new product, with 3D standees, table displays, a refrigerator and a blackboard. High-quality 3D shots of individual tools for retailers and restaurants provided a unique effect.


Our success was just as gratifying at the product itself: just six months after the launch, the new Scandinavian cider achieved outstanding sales figures. The urban and experimental target group aged 20 to 30 accepted Somersby as the ideal alternative to beer, whether out with friends, at parties or at the beach.