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HP In-StorePresentation

Outstanding technology – outstanding in-store look.

The objective

Modern, trendy, high-tech products such as laptops, tablets, phablets and laser printers require in-store tools that emphasise the technical highlights and explain them in a way that’s easy to understand. Visually speaking, the entire in-store presentation needs to blend seamlessly with the high-quality design of these products and be as technologically advanced as the products themselves.

The solution

We’ve been generating enthusiasm for HP products among customers in stores since 2009. That’s because, as a BTL agency, we’re responsible for the entire in-store presentation, from posters and wobblers to the routing tool – in 55 countries and 5,000 stores. With all the work we do in our many projects, which sometimes number over 80 a year, we’re always setting new standards because we’re able to immediately recognise new trends such as augmented reality and iBeacon and integrate them into stores.


We know HP products and the HP target group inside out, are making further developments all the time and use the latest technologies – and that’s why in stores themselves we’re even able to impress tech-savvy millennials, a target group that’s usually so difficult to reach. In this way, we’re able to keep the competition at bay and even increase sales for higher-priced products.