Tuborg ‘Dark Market’Activation

Know where the music’s played.

The objective

Russia is a dark market, which means highly stringent rules and limitations apply to the marketing of beer brands. While the challenge in off-trade communication is to develop tools that are effective in a number of different shops, in the on-trade segment, approaches need to be developed that entirely forgo the use of brand names and logos.

The solution

STEIN developed an attention-grabbing communication concept that’s based entirely on the topic of music as the Tuborg brand’s DNA. Additional elements developed during the project were the Tuborg Clockman and green as the corporate colour. In the on-trade segment, it was possible to forgo the brand name and logo entirely, without diminishing its recognition value. In-store tools that can be adapted according to a shop’s size and its requirements were developed for the off-trade segment – and, regardless of the combination, they don’t leave any doubt about where the music’s played.


The result was an exciting, attention-grabbing campaign that not only won over Tuborg and the customers, but also played with the requirements of the Russian market in a clever way.

The extremely high degree of attention and brand awareness, the high acceptance among retailers and the increase in sales exceeded all expectations.