Craft Beer am POS platzieren

Craft Beer On- & Off-Trade

Conquering the Craft Beer market

The objective

Declining sales were taking its toll on the German beer market. Until the “Craft Beer” trend came around and started mixing things up. Locally brewed, high priced beers with a refined taste presented new challenges for our client Carlsberg Germany. Whether they are launching new international brands or reposition existing premium brands on the German market, they need fresh ideas and concepts for successful sell-in and sell-off. They need Stein.

The solution

Based on shopper insights, countless research studies and our beer market expertise we developed a strategy – focusing on on- as well as off-trade sales. A new brand world combines Carlsberg’s specialty beers under one roof. All tools are designed and matched specially to the different needs of trade and gastronomy while following the same leitmotif: education. Consumer, retailer and gastronomer education. Breaking down reservations, pushing sell-in and encouraging “normal” beer fans to give Craft Beer a try.


Attention-grabbing sales tools increase visibility to the German Craft Beer section. Our education lead to high acceptance on- and off-trade. And consumers were able to try new types of beer without risking being disappointed in the taste.