FLD MarketIntroduction

Getting business up and running.

The objective

French company Francis Lavigne Développement (FLD) produces medical and paramedical shoes for the brands PULMAN®, ADOUR® and BRUMAN®. Specialists round the world have come to value these shoes.

Supported by STEIN, the aim is to conquer the German market by focusing on acquiring new customers and establishing the brand. The challenge lies in the fact that the brand is relatively unknown in the country and the sales structures are still in the development phase.

The solution

With the STEIN sales force and our strategic know-how, we develop and plan all the sales activities throughout Germany. We not only manage the strategy and operations, but also organise the entire process of recruiting staff – including sales and product training.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without proper reporting: Using our 24/7 reporting services and the online database, we report on the successes in the segment in a transparent manner.

Contact Person

Lars Roisch

Managing Director

040/39 191-431

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