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Tuborg FestivalNewshunter

Flaunt your musical expertise.

The objective

Music and Tuborg go hand in hand. And that’s something the world should know. To spread the word about this fact, an internationally adaptable concept needed to be developed for the Danish beer manufacturer. Get customers interested in-store and increase sales. 360° activation. A dance that we were only too happy to bring to the stage.

The solution

To effectively reach music fans and promote long-term loyalty with the Tuborg brand round the world. A real challenge. That’s actually not a bad idea: A challenge! With three levels, for each of which the participants needed one promotional code. Completing music-related tasks earned points. And those who had collected the most points by the end were not only provided with concert tickets, but also sent to various festivals as Tuborg Festival Newshunters. All inclusive, of course. There they had the opportunity to conduct backstage interviews with music stars and, of course, have a great time themselves. The whole thing was filmed and streamed on a dedicated YouTube channel. Once the prize and rules were developed, all that was missing was the call to action. And the master design of the in-store materials. And so the Tuborg music activation pack was born.