Muscle-mission 2011: The shining outsiders

STEIN TASK-FORCE saves nature again every year!

Büchener Sande – a broad and beautiful nature reserve in the southeast district of the duchy Lauenburg! Calcareous grassland and moorland offer perfect circumstances for rare and endangered animals and plants. However, the spreading of migrated plant types strongly limits their living environment.
A clear case for the yearly mission of the STEIN TASK-FORCE!

The STEIN TASK-FORCE took on the care for the broad grass meadow and successfully advocated for the preservation of the beautiful biotope. The power saw rattled very professionally through the hostile wood and a lot of strong STEIN-arms collectively stacked it to limit the production of humus to a particular landscape area. Particularly persistent proved to be the fast-spreading black cherry, but it has been removed with the root under enormous effort, loud laughter and several somersaults. Despite such challenges STEIN’s TASK-FORCE remained highly motivated, cheerful and with happy faces at the matter of being in action for the native flora and fauna – and that’s how it remained in bright sunshine until the evening hours.