Stein Task Force 2016

Cleaning up the Alster! (2016)

The Alster: Hamburg’s most beloved sight (and conveniently the name of our favourite beer mixed beverage made from beer and lemonade). Whether it is by canoe, sailboat or just for relaxing at its shore the Alster is highly frequented by locals and tourists.
Unfortunately for the Alster this means a lot of junk being left behind or thrown into the water.
A problem that the STEIN Task Force was more than happy to take on.
In cooperation with the Surfrider Foundation we used SUPs and canoes to clean up parts of the Alster and its canals.
Plastic, glass, cigarette packs and even two lawn chairs were collected from the water. In the end we gathered more that 1.100 litres of garbage.

Of cause the event wasn’t all work and no fun. After a day of hard work, it was time to kick back and relax. With barbecue and cold drinks, we enjoyed ourselves and toasted to our good deed.