Task Force 2017

10 Years and counting (2017)

This year marks the 10th anniversary of our STEIN Task Force. We celebrated by lending a hand to the wild grasslands nature reserve “Höltigbaum” in the north-east corner of our home town.
The former military property covers an area of 220 ha and is home to a unique group of animals that have found their niche in the wild meadows and live here year-round.
Cattle, goats and sheep share the grasslands and graze them together happily. Wild as they may be the grasslands still need a little help to provide a safe habitat for their residents – and of course the STEIN Task Force was happy to help.

The biggest challenge: remove the flowering benweed from the meadow. Benweed is poisonous and shouldn’t grow where cattle are pastured. With united forces, we were able to clear an area of xx qm grasslands.
But we didn’t settle for just removing the weeds.
Under the curious eyes of the residential herd of Galloway cattle we cleared overgrown fences and even cleaned the corral connecting two of the fields.

After a hard day’s work, there is always room for enjoyment, too. To kick back and relax we invited our team back to “Beach Hamburg”, an indoor beach right in the center of the city.
After all, can you imagine anything more relaxing than sand between your toes and a cold drink in your hand?

Have a look at the pictures of the event.