Construction ahead (2015)

Located in Süderelbmarsch in Altes Land, Hamburg’s Moorgürtel nature reserve is approximately 737 hectares in size and is home to a wealth of fauna and flora.
But some of these animals need help finding ‘a place to live’ in the marshland – and that’s precisely what they’ll be getting from this year’s STEIN TASK FORCE.
The aim is to help frogs look after their tadpoles by digging small ponds in which frogs can settle and lay their eggs in the spring.
Spades were used to dig eight nurseries for the happily croaking marsh inhabitants, including a sun terrace for a touch of luxury.

As always, the work of the STEIN TASK FORCE was rewarded with some fun. This year’s festivities were held at the Cablesport Arena in Pinneberg,
where everyone had the opportunity to enjoy water sports, beach volleyball and a barbecue after all their hard work and drink to the native frogs they’d helped.