Shopper- & Business-Insights

Shopper insight: We know shoppers and their shopping behaviour.

Shopper insight is knowing what makes the customer tick. This knowledge is important, as a high-quality product, a well-known brand and a large advertising budget are all useless if the sales floor concept doesn’t fit in with the shopper’s purchasing behaviour. The tools available cannot be used efficiently without sound customer insights. If you don’t take that into account, you’re wasting your money.

Our solution: Gathering extensive information on the sales floor for shopper insights.

We know which tools and methods are required to gain shopper insights across all categories and channels.

We observe shoppers in their natural habitat – the store. We evaluate real purchasing behavior in the category in question: who, how, what, where and when. Expert staff survey the shoppers with tried-and-tested methods and determine the why. We continue to ask questions until they’re all answered. It’s only once our experts complete their evaluation that we get started with implementation. In other words, we provide answers to questions that wouldn’t even occur to most people, but are essential for boosting sales and market share. And we use these answers to develop sales floor concepts with concrete recommendations that lead to discernible success. In this way, you benefit from the shopper insight acquired.

An overview of all the benefits of sound shopper insights:

  • Target-customer identification and acquisition
  • Optimised sales-floor presentation
  • More effective sales promotions
  • Long-term increase in sales

Andreas Schulz

Managing Director

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