Setting course for travel agencies.

The objective

New cruise ships mean more beds that need to be filled with passengers. To accomplish that you first of all need more travel agencies in your corner. STEIN was commissioned by AIDA to develop a new approach to identify the travel agencies with the highest potential and evolve their sales.

The solution

As a first step the in-house staff screened agencies in two test-regions for their potential. A phone interview and a follow-up visit from AIDA’s field sales force then identified the agencies with the highest potential. The agencies where then invited to participate in the AIDA support program “Crewcheck” which gave them access to product trainings led by the sales force and provided an overall positive mindset in regards to AIDA. The program offers a wide variety of measures to choose from: ranging from trainings and webinars to decorative-material to customer events and traveling workshops.


The in-house staff as well as the sales force gave a positive feedback to the new approach. Participating travel agencies feel more valued are considerably more open to POS- and decorative-materials. And as for the sales results: the revenue growth was above average in comparison to the market average and the other regional markets.

Contact Person

Andreas Ligendza

Creative Director

(040) 391 91-422


POSMA 2018