BRAX CampaignDays

How to (ad)dress customers.

The objective

The pants of the classic German brand BRAX have been famous for their high quality and excellent fit for many decades. Since 2000 they also offer upper wear garments and accessories. With their campaign days BRAX aims to win over new customers, strengthen ties with returning customers and give the brand a face at the POS.

The solution

Consistent with the seasonal peaks of the fashion industry in spring/summer and fall/winter Stein organizes the BRAX campaign days. Perfectly trained hostesses invite returning and new customers in 200 renowned department stores to try their luck in various sweepstakes and offer them expert styling advice. Of course, our hostesses are also called into action whenever there is a store opening or a planned sampling.

Since 2014 we also organize laser events where shoppers can customise their BRAX jeans with their own special design.


BRAX and Stein have been a perfect team since 1997. By now the campaign days have become an institution that attracts regular customers year after year. But also for new customers the sweepstakes and giveaways offer an incentive to buy. The secret: Many of our hostesses have been with BRAX and us from the beginning. All of them do their job with outstanding commitment and joy. And this passion transfers to the customers.

Contact Person

Sören Fischer

Business Director

040/39 191-212