Nespresso Keks-Routing

Nespresso Routing

Small cookie – great impact

The objective

Not every customer passes a Nespresso coffeemaker on his or her way through the consumer electronics store. So how do you catch those customers and guide them towards the Nespresso sales area? Unfortunately blunt advertising often misses its target. What we needed was a charming and humble message that nobody could resist.

The solution

Real coffee lovers take the time to enjoy their favourite drink with all their senses. We took this pleasurable moment and made it even more special – by turning the popular question “cookie with your coffee” around and asking the customers: “Coffee with your cookie?”
We added a gourmet cookie to the flyer and gave out these invitations at high-frequented spots within the stores.


Since nobody simply declines an invitation to have coffee, the success of this active selling can be measured in numbers: The campaign generated more than 100.000 customer contacts. A 50% redemption rate – in comparison to a 10% rate without the cookie – plus routing rate was quadrupled. And last but no least selling increased by up to 100%.

Contact Person

Sören Fischer

Business Director

040/39 191-212


POSMA 2015
POSMA 2015