Dyson ExpertAdvice

Stein draws in new customers for dyson.

The objective

Dyson is confident that the future’s going to be cordless. And the figures confirm the brand’s aspiration – at least in the US and Japan. To convince the people here in Germany of the merits of Dyson appliances, as well as raise awareness, strengthen customer loyalty and boost sales, we were commissioned to organise premium expert advice for Dyson in the store.

The solution

Since 2014, our top expert advisers, who we trained in-house, have been working continuously at the specialist stores of Media-Saturn and Metro throughout Germany. These experts are just as professional as Dyson itself: they’re available at all times to answer any questions customers may have. Customers also have the opportunity to try out the appliances themselves: using demonstration models, our advisers explain how a fan can be both hot and cool at the same time and that vacuuming can be fun when it’s easy!


The ongoing collaboration with Dyson has developed into a real success story: in its first year, more than 6,200 man-days were recorded in 139 stores and over 16,000 appliances were sold. Brand awareness also experienced a significant increase as a result of expert advice and product demonstrations.

Contact Person

Sören Fischer

Business Director

040/39 191-212