The POS experts: STEIN presents new service portfolio and a new website

With its optimized range of services, the below-the-line agency focuses on all relevant services driving sales and presents them contemporary with the relaunch of their website at

Hamburg, August 26, 2015 – The new online presence underlines with a concise presentation of the extended capabilities of STEIN the claim of the below-the-line agency as an integrated POS expert. At the same time, the associated repositioning completes the continuous development of the STEIN services for all relevant sales issues at the POS in recent years.

As an agency STEIN is in the market since 1969. Started as an agency for face-to-face communication, today STEIN accompanies all services related to the POS – from the customer journey through the sell-in to sell-out. The necessary framework in cooperation with trading partners provides needs-based B2B services. All services of STEIN have this one thing in common: They are designed to ensure that the product arrives in the shopping cart of consumers.

In order to cover all relevant services at the POS STEIN has sharpened and expanded its portfolio purposefully. In detail, the agency now offers the following POS Services:

  • Brand Activation: Based on the question „How can we influence the customer journey adequately for a brand?“ STEIN develops shopper relevant concepts that have a lasting impact and controls their entire implementation – fast, efficient and target focused.
  • Shopper- & Business Insights: Professional insights and market-oriented research studies provide the necessary transparency of shopper activities on the shelf in all relevant categories and channels and simultaneously form the basis for the development of POS concepts with concrete recommendations for action for increasing sales and market shares.
  • Sales Promotion: development of pioneering concepts and customized tools at the POS to boost sales at all relevant touch points. Fact-based sell-in increases and the generation of secondary placements or valuable shelf space for new products provide a brand-oriented sales activation.
  • POS Design: Shelf solution, endcap (gondola), free standing displays (FSDU) or the supreme discipline Shop-in-Shop – the consistent translation of a brand CI in a colour-, form- and material-language appropriate for the POS ensures in combination with modern communications a unique shopper experience and a clear differentiation from competitors.
  • Active Selling: The right people at the shelf and on the sales floor increase sales. With a professional recruiting and training of the promotion staff STEIN ensures an intelligent positioning of brands and products at the POS.
  • Extended Sales Force: Development of customized distribution concepts with a professional staff, permanently employed at STEIN, and innovative approaches for the nationwide increase of the sell-in in different channels – from the channel- and market- definition through to reach a certain target revenue.
  • Merchandising: Control and monitoring of qualified teams, permanently employed at STEIN, for a sustainable POS-care – from the definition of objectives through the recruitment to management, including reporting.
  • Instore-/Sales-Training: Product and sales training at the POS via in-house training for knowledge- and technology-intensive products, and the development of customized sales guides and individual blended learning measures.

The website relaunch reflects the range of STEIN services and provides a comprehensive insight into the daily work with a visually expressive design. Modern web technology, innovative features and the generous use of images and videos help to create a modern and aesthetic appearance and make visible the holistic POS competence and the interaction of services of STEIN.

Lars Roisch, Managing Director STEIN: „With the relaunch of our website we want to present our range of services for our customers even more transparent and thus contribute to the consistent establishment of our services in the market. Our experience shows that customers need more customer perspective on the agency side for success at the POS, ideally combined with corresponding implementation experience – because only then an overall understanding and a ROI promise is possible. Our aim is to provide our customers with a perfect POS presence for differentiation from the competition, and with more sales and efficient marketing invests. We are specialized in all shopper-relevant disciplines and thus are the POS experts!”