OMRON banks on STEIN at the POS

The Hamburg below-the-line agency STEIN has developed a Point-of-Sale concept for OMRON Medicine Technology’s healthcare portfolio. STEIN won the POS account for 2016 to strengthen the distribution channel of specialist medical supply retailers. The concept focuses on modularity and flexibility regarding product presentation in order to meet the needs of the different trade structures.

The willingness of society to contribute towards health-maintenance as well as body and health awareness is constantly growing. The most important task of modern medicine technology is to support this attitude in an accurate and relevant manner. OMRON has been successfully making health-monitoring products available to all for many years and is the market leader in German pharmacies. However, the needs of the consumer don’t end at the pharmacy door. With the help of the POS expert STEIN, the specialist medical supply retailers are going to be developed more intensively as a distribution channel so that modern health-maintenance solutions can increasingly be offered within a sales environment for medical aids that require extensive advisory services.

Health Management – a strong category

OMRON is opening the door even wider for the product category of autonomous health monitoring with the help of STEIN. The objective of the sales promotion concept developed by STEIN is to involve the different sales structures more strongly in this area in order to achieve the best possible results.

Details of the concept

The claim “The best for your health” hits the nerve of the target group, which consists of people who train regularly and wish to keep an eye on their own health parameters over a longer period of time.

STEIN and OMRON are intensifying modern health management with a conceptual focus on:

  • A modular, flexible presentation concept in line with the size and touchpoints of the respective specialist medical supply retailer
  • A training concept for the sales staff at the specialist medical supply store

OMRON – the market leader in the pharmacy

OMRON Healthcare Europe has been successfully making top quality measuring equipment with advanced technology available for the end-consumer for over 40 years. The devices meet the various demands of the target group, such as easy handling, delivery of trustworthy and accurate data, the option of data logging as well as a simple operation.

STEIN is now launching OMRON measuring devices in specialist medical supply store for the following applications:

  • Body analysis
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Step counting
  • Pain management
  • Inhalation

OMRON trusts in STEIN’s experience

STEIN has been realising POS concepts for many well-known brands on various consumer electronics retail areas for almost 60 years. The POS expert advises companies, and offers convincing creative concepts and designs as well as a systematic, transparent implementation with great success.

Kristina Reitz, Trade Marketing Officer at OMRON, about the collaboration with the POS expert: “We are convinced that we have an experienced, reliable and creative partner at our side with STEIN, which will lead to a successful positioning of our products.”

Lars Roisch about winning the OMRON account:
“We are proud to have the opportunity of making our knowledge and experience available to OMRON. This allows us to successfully break new ground in established markets with our clients.”