POSMA Awards 2017

STEIN snaps up three POSMA Awards

The Hamburg Point-of-Sale expert STEIN entered the POSMA Awards with a total of four cases in four categories and managed to beat the stiff competition three times.

STEIN was able to convince the jury in the following categories:

  • 1 x Silver: Personnel Promotion / Expert Activation Tour (Nespresso Germany)
  • 1 x Bronze: Health & Beauty / Mucosolvan Multi-Touchpoint-Strategy(Sanofi Aventis Germany)
  • 1 x Bronze: Small Budget – Big Impact / Fresh Energy for Pokémon-Trainers (mobilcom-debitel/ freenet AG)

The POS expert STEIN focused on the shopper in all campaigns – relevant disciplines that lead to positive purchasing experiences. The campaigns receiving POSMA awards demonstrate the wide scope of options and measures that are available to challenging POS management. The award-winning campaigns in detail:

Nespresso – Expert Activation Tour – (1 x Silver)

The “Nespresso Expert Activation Tour“ received 1 x Silver award in the category “Personnel Promotion”. In the highly competitive coffee capsule market, STEIN developed a campaign for the launch of the new premium Nespresso coffee machine “Expert”. Out of specialist shops and directly in shopping centres, sales advisors made coffee for potential customers and provided them with information about the online shop incl. registration on site.
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Sanofi Aventis Deutschland – Mucosolvan Multi-Touch-Strategy (1 x Bronze)

STEIN received 1 x Bronze in the category “Health & Beauty” for the “Mucosolvan Multi-Touch-Strategy“. Customers in pharmacies usually have a clear need, require a high level of advisory services and have a targeted approach. Building on this behaviour, the strategy integrated all touchpoints on the way to the sales counter during the “cough and cold” season. The campaign starts with awareness, continues with product information and ends with a specific purchasing decision. The objective: a clear customer request or a targeted recommendation by the pharmacist. The Mucosolvan give-away, a plush slime-monster cuddly toy, represents a further anchor of the campaign.
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mobilcom-debitel – Fresh Energy for Pokémon-Trainers – (1 x Bronze)

In the category “Small Budget – Big Impact”, STEIN received 1 x POSMA Award in Bronze for the POS campaign “Fresh Energy for Pokémon-Trainers”. Mobilcom-debitel made successful advertising use of the Pokémon-Go hype and solved two problems for the players: the necessary battery power on-the-go and the required amount of mobile data. Armed with powerbanks, the Pikachu walking acts headed straight for the Pokémon arenas in Berlin. At the same time, the campaign provided information about power stations in the shops and the free data volume offered by mobilcom-debitel.
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Lars Roisch, Managing Director of STEIN, about the awards: “We are extremely pleased about the awards because they represent an acknowledgement of our work and creativity by the experts in the industry. It shows that the POS is alive and well, and remains an important part of any marketing strategy.”